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30.1.09 2008 Annual LGO Complaints Letter

Local Government Ombudsman Annual Letter 2008

With your Council I agreed 44 local settlements, which was a local settlement rate of 36%. The number was less than in the previous year, and the proportion was less also. Last year I expressed concern about the increasing proportion of such findings. I am pleased that the proportion of local settlements has declined, but it nevertheless continues to be more common than normal for me to recommend action to remedy a complaint against your Council than for councils generally.


Local settlements are findings of maladministration that have been buried by the lgo.

They are findings of maladministration where the LGO has not completed the investigation and no public report is issued.

In the rare cases when maladministration is fully investigated and a report publicised the council has to advertise the report in the local press, this makes it very public and doesn't look good on councils or other public bodies issued with these reports. Over the last ten years the lgo has issued only 2 maladministration reports against camden council.

In all the LGO buries on average 23% of maladministration as 'local settlements' and only issues maladministration reports in less than 2% of investigations.

In reality the total findings of maladministration with public reports issued should be around 24% and higher of all cases within their jurisdiction or in Camden Councils case 36% of all complaints the LGO received and investigated for the year 2007-8.