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6.9.09 Undemocratic Camden Council

A few months ago a small minority of residents in Camden where consulted by our 'council' on their views on the possible new governance structures for the Council.

Local parishes were one option that was not favourable to many of the consultees (according to the council) , and another structure was that of directly elected major v indirectly elected leader and cabinet structure.

I don't know what residents real views on this where but the 'council' has taken the decision that the directly elected major structure is not favorably to them. Lib-dem council leader Keith Moffitt doesn't like the idea that 'any old local celebrity' could get elected by residents to be 'leader' on the council.

Council members had been 'whipped up' to agree with Cllr Moffitts idea that the indirectly elected leader and cabinet structure is the best option. This is where 54 members of the council get to vote and which every other resident in the borough who is registered to vote is excluded.

Having 'any old local celeb' as major wouldn't be such a bad idea would it?

Surely what this old and stale council needs is a breath of fresh air, some new blood and new ways of doing things instilled into it?