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19.9.09 Councils 2008/9 Annual Audit

The councils Audit and Corporate Governance committee was held on Tuesday 15 Sept 2009.

The final draft report of the Councils 2008/9 accounts carried out by the Audit Commission evoke some serious questions that need answers to:
  1. What are the objections to the councils accounts about and why is Camden council finding it so hard to resolve them?
  2. Why does the council have a gaping big hole in its pension fund and why wasn't this fund separated from the general fund and put into its own account following last years annual audit as the external audit recommended that it be?
  3. Why did the auditor mention that 11 Council members have yet to register their financial interests?
  4. The councils monitoring officer (head of legal) wrote up a report some months back 'advising' council members to register their interests - why have they ignored his report?
  5. The audit report also mentions weaknesses in the councils management of bank accounts - what accounts is the auditor talking about?
  6. How many residents in the borough have had their emails and telephone calls 'intercepted' by the council?
  7. Will the Audit Commission be issuing a Public Interest Report?
Officers Report and Audit Commission Reports