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26.6.09 CAB Funding Cuts

Why has Camden council cut in half the funding of a vital service - the Citizens Advice Bureau in Kentish Town - yet given other voluntary bodies (the Camden Federation of Tenants and Residents Associations to name one) continued funding at the same level. The CFTRA have been performing badly for years and are by no stretch of the imagination a vital service. Doesn't make sense to me. Helps that the CFTRA is a Labour party organisation with strong connections to Camden council.

On another matter - The Charity SCOPE who have a shop in Camden High Street are asking people to sign a pledge to speak out when they see disabled people being treated unfairly.

Speak out to whom I am wondering as from mine and other peoples experience of 'speaking out' to the council or the police will get you nowhere - they ain't interested. I wonder if SCOPE in Camden are funded by the council because if they are this 'speaking out' call will I'm sure be frowned upon by those who pull the funding strings.