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25.1.10 Unjust Eviction?

One of the local newspapers reports that Camden council as landlord has evicted a single mother with 2 children and one on the way from their council home because the mother has been having difficulties paying the rent .... allegedly the mother was warned repeatedly by the council....

I don't know all the facts behind this recent story but I do know that the council has targets they must meet in regards to the collection of rent arrears and what gets me about is this eviction is that the same rent this unfortunate and now homeless family was evicted for not paying goes into a pot of money called the housing revenue account - money the council collects from the public for charges and rents.

Yet more than 130,000 per year of this 'pot' is wilfully and unnessarily in my view handed out on a yearly basis to an overtly political group called the Camden Federation of Tenants and Residents Associations (CFTRA) which has close connections to Camden Council and doesn't actually provide much of a service and certainly not a statutory or necessary one.

I'm not saying the council shouldn't pursue and take action against tenants who wilfully don't pay their rent, but I'm sure there are many families who are on low incomes who really do struggle through no fault of their own to pay the rent and its sickening and unjust when a family is thrown out of their home simply because of rent arrears 'crimes', especially so when the landlord wastes so much of the rent money collected on the likes of the CFTRA and other such public funded political groups whose politically 'connected' members get lots of perks and freebies at the expense of most other tenants - including their rent arrears paid.